Hi - my name is Angela and I am an Energetic Transformational Coach.  I'm  in my element when I am working with people to figure out what it is they really want from life and then forming a plan/steps to get them to where they want to go.  Whether that is in life, business, career, health or anything else they have in mind - I am here to be 'company for your journey', so please invite me along as your sidekick!
And now for the 'origin story'...
As a Health Kinesiology/Natural Bioenergetics client for almost a decade, my experiences as a client led me to investigate, and then enrol on the training purely out of curiosity/fascination,  I am pleased to say that everything new that I learn just fascinates me more and I know that I am really helping people to feel better.  After 2 years of intensive training, I qualified in October 2018 as an associate practitioner, and in June 2021, after adding in qualifications in Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology and Interpersonal Skills (even with the joys of a Global Pandemic), I qualified as a KFRP (Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional).
My journey towards a career in energy based therapies was perhaps not as you would expect.  I was introduced to it through a friend, and I have to admit - I was highly sceptical!  I had come from a very logical/scientific background having studied Maths and then IT at university and at the time I had been working in Finance/IT for years.  After seeing the massive changes in my friend, I couldn't deny that there was something to this 'kinesiology stuff'.  About a year later she talked me into giving it a go to help with some issues I was facing.  I didn't experience the huge shifts that my friend did, but I did feel better and was able to deal with my 'stuff' a lot easier. 
As I love learning and developing (life long learner over here!) - I added Transformational Coaching and Hypnotherapy to my tool kit in 2020 allowing me to work with clients in a different way.  Kinesiology is perfect for the non-verbal aspect where people don't want to or, aren't able to verbalise what's going on for them.  Coaching brings in the verbal aspect and hypnotherapy can be either!  I offer stand alone Kinesiology sessions or, my unique hybrid approach which allows us to work with which ever tools are the most appropriate at the time - sometimes even blending all of them.
I studied and worked in Finance and IT for over two decades and chose to embrace the opportunity to take redundancy and rather than continuing purely with corporate life, I turned my passions into a new career.  I decided upon redundancy in 2017 that, if I worked in a way to suits me, it would enable me to get the best results for my clients and me!  So, in 2018 I launched Inner Pathways, A Daye in Your Life Photography and Castography - feel free to check out the websites if you are interested.  You can also read more on my blog: angelaDaye.com
My story is still being written, much in the same way that yours is - and it would be an honour if you would choose me to be 'Company for Your Journey'!
Headshot of Angela Daye from 2022

Recorded August 2021 - An interview conversation with Leslie Marsh more about Angela - an updated overview of Inner Pathways.

Recorded March 2021 - An interview conversation with Fiona Colbron-Brown formerly of EEC Collective networking group, now just an online community on Facebook

Recorded September 2020 - An interview with Leslie Marsh - here you get to learn a little bit more about me and what I do - all in my own words, in conversation and unscripted...!   She even managed to get a question in about 'A Daye in Your Life Photography'

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