Time to Transition
In the summer of 2021 I created the Facebook group 'Time to Transition' as a space for people to come together to support and find support for when they reach that point in life (and don't get me wrong - there may be many points) where we stop, take a look around and wonder if this is all there is to life...
Whether we have just achieved something that we have been working towards for a long time and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, only to find the success a little bit anti-climactic... could then lead to the questions of "what next?", "is this it?", "surely there's more to life than this?" or one of my favourites... "meh!".  This is the place for you - and if you have come out the other side then even more so...!
We have these transition points regularly through life - it could be graduating from school/college/university, getting the dream job (to find it wasn't what you thought it would be), the comedown from all the stress and prep of planning a wedding/house move/country move/job change/having children/having children move out/a separation to name just a few examples.
Inner Pathways Transitions
The membership club is in development and will be launching soon.  This membership will follow on from the complimentary Time to Transition group and begin to work more closely with me with 2 group coaching sessions available per month as a minimum - more being developed as we approach the launch.  If you are interested, please do let me know and I will add you to the waiting list - initial intake of 15 people before the doors open properly to iron out the teething problems - these 15 will join at a founding members rate.
Group Programmes
Once the membership is up and running, this will be the next to launch - I am expecting group programmes to run for 3 months per cohort in small groups of up 12 and continuing with the journey analogy I have my tour guides already lined up to ensure that everyone gets the focus they need from Inner Pathways
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