Why choose between different ways of working when you can have a hybrid approach?
Health Kinesiology on it's own is a really powerful tool.  But, sometimes a client can really benefit from talking through the situation and that's where the coaching comes in.  Hypnotherapy techniques are also really powerful - and the way we work is to bring the conscious and unconscious mind together to work in the creative space that occurs when these parts of ourselves are connected - you are always in control and conscious throughout.  So, if you would like to work in a slightly different way - there is an option to opt for a hybrid way to work.
Each session is as unique as you are, the most beneficial tools will be used in each session.  These will be determined on the day, depending on a combination of muscle response testing and your preference in the day.
What to expect in a session

I am mainly working online over zoom or teams.  If you would prefer face to face and can get to Hamilton, Scotland - you are more than welcome to book in.
If you can find yourself a comfy chair in a quiet space, grab a blanket and a bottle/glass of water and we can get started - you might also want a pen and some paper if you like to take notes but it's not a requirement.  Life does go on though, and we can't control everything so, don't worry too much about dogs barking or the doorbell ringing etc.
If you are ready to book - excellent - just give me a call or an e-mail and we can get you booked in. If you would like to have a chat first please click the button below to book a discovery call and we can make sure that we are the right fit for each other first.
There is also a Contact Us link on the left if you would prefer to get in touch there, I look forward to hearing from you.
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