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I'm Angela Daye and I am a Health Kinesiology practitioner. But, what does that mean and why should it be of interest to you? Well, if you are feeling a bit stuck, not sure what's 'wrong', got some 'sore bits', or generally not feeling 'right', Health Kinesiology can help. It's a gentle complementary therapy that works alongside any other treatment you may be undertaking. You get to lie down for about an hour, (which in itself is usually very relaxing - and something we don't tend to do often) and we work with your energy system to help you work through whatever is going on in your body and mind - you don't even have to talk about it - in fact, it tends to works quicker if you don't! So - come and give it a try, the sooner we get started the sooner you can start to feel and be better!

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