The reason I do what I do is to help people like you to feel better and be better.  Here you can find some kind words from some of my past and present clients.  If when you have been to see me you would like to add to these please do so on Facebook, Linked In, Google or Yell.

I had no idea what to expect from my first session but was willing to try anything to calm the stress I felt & organise my thoughts. It’s not like counselling where you talk for hours to make sense of things - my arm moves and that’s basically it. The peace and relief I feel in the following days is incredible, yes I had some homework to do but cannot explain the benefits in words. I don’t know exactly how it works but I feel much more in tune with my own energy & I love learning how to heal/correct in this way as opposed to pills or other therapies.  EC, Blantyre
I have received a number of sessions from Angela at Inner Pathways & the results have been amazing! My sciatica has vanished & my heart has been healed. Thoroughly recommend this wonderful therapy, thank you.  AW, Lanark (Facebook)
Angela has helped me work through some chronic anxiety, I've made some amazing shifts & been able to go right back to my childhood to make peace with a lot of things that were previously under the covers. Highly recommended.  SM, Glasgow (Facebook)
I came for a session because I was a wee bit nosey, what I got from it was so much more! I have no idea how it works, but my body responded to questions asked by Angela with very little input from me & what I discovered is an inner sense of peace & calm that I have been unable to achieve before. I’m sleeping better & have taken on some recommend practices that help me continue the work Angela has done in my day to day life.  KC, Bellshill
If you are in pain anxious depressed or just out of sorts without knowing why or where get along to Angela who can gently help you unblock the issues that are holding you back. I had 4 sessions with Angela mainly for recurring (many years) neck pain but uncovered so many more "blockages" that have all now been resolved. I would recommend Angela's Natural Bioenergetics for balancing your pain levels and mind.  BM, LinkedIn
Angela is professional in her manner and is currently helping a family member overcome anxiety. RS, Hamilton (Facebook)
I have been to see Angela a few times now for HK and she has helped me work through a lot of personal issues that I had thought had been dealt with but they were still stopping from moving on. It's amazing how the body reacts or acts to certain things and it's allowed me to have better clarity of things in life and has allowed me to be more confident in myself.
Highly recommended. AC, Glasgow (Facebook)

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