The reason I do what I do is to help people like you to feel better and be better.  Here you can find some kind words from some of my past and present clients.  If when you have been to see me you would like to add to these please do so on Facebook, Linked In, Google or Yell.
Review of Comfy in your own skin: I definitely got a clarity of what I want to do with my weight and that there are different ways to achieve my goal. I really liked the structure of the programme and the way Angela delivered it. She has covered different aspects of self care and in the way that you actually don't realise what she is doing. You just take it for granted and then looking back you get those aha moments!
Angela is a great supporter, very knowledgeable and compassionate. She just knows when to deliver things and how to do it.
Do not hesitate in doing the programme, just do it. Tina, Slovenia (e-mail)
I first met Angela a few years ago at a networking event. I was drawn to her friendly personality and we developed a friendship. Last year I felt stuck with mental money blocks and Angela suggested a Generative Trance session in order to release the blocks. 
Since any previous attempt of others to hypnotise me failed, she thoughtfully chose this slightly different approach! Well - I have to say I was totally blown away! It worked - and I was very sceptical because no-one has previously been able to get me into the receptive state. 
Results were - my money blocks disappeared (just so!!!) and I even met my spiritual helper - something I very much doubted when we started the session (I didn't tell her before though 🤣)! Honestly - it was an amazing experience and Angela has a wonderful sensitive way to prepare you and then move you through the process, which made me feel relaxed and calm!! 
This year I found myself with some different troubles and decided to book in for a Kinesiology session which is a completely different form of therapy.
My main issues were that I felt disconnected from my own energies and thus out of balance.
Kinesiology works differently… Angela actually communicates with your body and your subconscious via muscle testing with her fingers - talking via zoom here!
So, basically she found out what my body wanted to be worked on and then started the session! And there were a few things my subconscious self wanted to be helped with by Angela.
Without getting any input from my intellectual side, she detected statements and beliefs to get rid of, I did not consciously know about, but they were very much eye opening and true! Again - it was a great experience and I felt the changes almost immediately.
I was fully connected to myself and my energies again, actually more than I have ever experienced in my whole life!! I was way more relaxed and there were several further shifts I cannot properly put my finger on yet. I am an absolute Kinesiology fan now and am looking forward to further sessions. 
Angela Is a very talented and knowledgeable therapist and has a wonderful way of tuning into her clients and making them feel safe and comfortable.
Generative Trance and Kinesiology are only a part of Angela’s vast skillset and there is little she wouldn’t be able to find the perfect approach for. 
I cannot recommend Angela highly enough - even if one is unsure what the troubles are, Angela has the gift and the tools to find out and tackle the right areas with the right measures. 
A truly wonderful experience everyone should at least try and find out about! 
Last but not least - this all can be done remotely via Zoom from the comfort of your own home 👍 Awesome, eh? So - get yourself booked in 😊 Kerstin G (Linked In)
I have meet Angela at EEC Network and since then we keep on touch. She is my fellow photographer peer so we have a great connection and help each other with that. I started working on my mind set and get stuck. Angela helped me greatly! We had a session with the technique is called generative transformation - transformational coaching or hypnotherapy is probably the easiest way to explain it 😊. It shake my mind in so many positive levels! She is just exceptional in what she does! Plus she knows all tricks of creative brain as she has one of these as well! This work is magic so if you feel stuck just talk to this amazing person! Thanks Angela I shall back. Vera Z (Linked In)
Having some issues in life, physical and some emotional, I approached Angela for help. At every step her professionalism shone through and her manner is inclusive, open and empathetic. I was impressed with the speed at which I was put at ease and felt supported throughout. My questions and concerns were all dealt with gently and firmly, with expectations managed and my responsibilities for my part in my progress explained. I am looking forward to the next sessions as from the first I was invited to be part of the process and to take it at my own speed. There are many ways to achieve similar outcomes, for me it is the facilitator, the person who takes us on the journey through the minefields of our emotions and holds space for us as we tackle the dis-ease affecting us. 
I heartily recommend Angela for all the above and also for her meticulous attention to the 'little things' as well as the bigger issues.   Approachable, empathetic, talented, professional and effective, these are words of description and they do the job, but they are only words, Angela puts the humanity into them. If there are issues in life that are making you feel stuck, unhappy, anxious; if there is depression, non specific mental/emotional/spiritual issues, then this is the healing modality that will take you into a healing space, the rest of course is the journey that occurs with yourself and Angela as your guide and highly knowledgeable and qualified therapist.
Leslie M (Linked In)
I've worked with Angela 1:2:1 and in a Workshop setting. Brilliant mind and super easy to access, approach and engage with. Her approach to Kinesiology and Business is Unique. A very capable lady and well worth getting to know! I have no hesitation is using her to unstick some energy blockages, and underlying stuff that still flows through my system. Great company for the journey.  Highly recommended.  
Dr Keith D (Linked In)
If you are in pain anxious depressed or just out of sorts without knowing why or where get along to Angela who can gently help you unblock the issues that are holding you back. I had 4 sessions with Angela mainly for recurring (many years) neck pain but uncovered so many more "blockages" that have all now been resolved. I would recommend Angela's natural bioenergetics for balancing your pain levels and mind.  
Bodil M (Linked In)
I had no idea what to expect from my first session but was willing to try anything to calm the stress I felt & organise my thoughts. It’s not like counselling where you talk for hours to make sense of things - my arm moves and that’s basically it. The peace and relief I feel in the following days is incredible, yes I had some homework to do but cannot explain the benefits in words. I don’t know exactly how it works but I feel much more in tune with my own energy & I love learning how to heal/correct in this way as opposed to pills or other therapies.  EC, Blantyre
I have received a number of sessions from Angela at Inner Pathways & the results have been amazing! My sciatica has vanished & my heart has been healed. Thoroughly recommend this wonderful therapy, thank you.  AW, Lanark (Facebook)
Angela has helped me work through some chronic anxiety, I've made some amazing shifts & been able to go right back to my childhood to make peace with a lot of things that were previously under the covers. Highly recommended.  SM, Glasgow (Facebook)
I came for a session because I was a wee bit nosey, what I got from it was so much more! I have no idea how it works, but my body responded to questions asked by Angela with very little input from me & what I discovered is an inner sense of peace & calm that I have been unable to achieve before. I’m sleeping better & have taken on some recommend practices that help me continue the work Angela has done in my day to day life.  KC, Bellshill (e-mail)
Angela is professional in her manner and is currently helping a family member overcome anxiety. RS, Hamilton (Facebook)
I have been to see Angela a few times now for HK and she has helped me work through a lot of personal issues that I had thought had been dealt with but they were still stopping from moving on. It's amazing how the body reacts or acts to certain things and it's allowed me to have better clarity of things in life and has allowed me to be more confident in myself.
Highly recommended. AC, Glasgow (Facebook)
Angela has been working with me for a number of months now, and we have covered a lot of things in several areas - emotional, physical, past, present and future and I have to say that I have experienced improvements and felt benefits in all areas.  The work she does is incredible!
The process is designed to make sure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  Unlike other therapies, you do not even need to share the issue/area of concern with Angela as she uses the body’s physical and energetic responses to work things through.  It’s quite fascinating!
You’ve probably heard about Health Kinesiology before, you may not have.  All I can say is TRY IT!  Even if life is going well and there’s nothing major going on in your life, Angela can still work with you to make sure you are balanced and in the best frame of mind to keep making things better!
Hocus Pocus?  That would depend on your point of view…
Relaxing & non-invasive?  Definitely!
Results?  Abso-bloomin’-lutely!
JC, Glasgow (e-mail)

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