There are some great tool and techniques that you can do for yourself - and in some cases these techniques come up as 'homework' or 'growth work' if you prefer that term.  Rather than re-inventing the wheel, the video clips below where produced by Health Kinesiology UK (featuring my tutor!).  If there are any other techniques you think would be useful to have here please do let me know,

Balancing the Thymus - a 'mini reset' button
Emotional Stress Release - a great way to lower stress levels and help you see the situation you are in a bit more clearly
Energy Toning Movements - one of my favourites! (I was given these to do so often I can now do them in my sleep!)
Degaussing - Helps to reduce Electro Magnetic Smog.  
This comes up reasonably regularly for my clients and is worth knowing how to do.
Meridian Tracing - it's so much easier to follow this than the sheet of line drawings that I can give you!
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