Hopefully most of your questions will be answered below, if there is anything else you would like to know to help you to decide to book in for a session please don't hesitate to contact us using the form or by phone.
Where:  The treatment room is at my home in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, in a self contained garden room.  There is plenty of on street parking but I don't have a waiting room so please don't arrive too early.
Online: if you can't get to my treatment room or would prefer to have a distance session, I'll send you a link to a Zoom call, if using laptop or desktop you can access via a link, phones and tablets require an app.
How long:  Your initial appointment will be up to 2 hours* and subsequent sessions are 1 hour long (allow for 1 hr 15 min) - if you require longer than this additional charges will apply (upon agreement).
*due to current COVID-19 restrictions, if you chose to work with me face to face, the first hour of your initial session will be conducted online as we are strictly limited to 60 minutes for face to face sessions when we are in Tier 3 or below.
How many sessions will I need:  Everyone is different so this isn't something I can answer up front.  I recommend that you commit to at least three sessions.  The sooner you address an issue, the fewer sessions you will need to work through it.  We will work out your schedule through muscle response testing.
How much:  Kinesiology sessions: Online £85 per session, Face to face £95
Initial 2 hour session is £150. 

For the hybrid Kinesiology, Transformational Coaching and Hypnotherapy please book a 'zoffee' (zoom coffee) to work out the best package for you.
How to pay:  I accept cash, balance transfer, Credit Cards
Cancellation Policy:  To avoid a cancellation fee of £25, please provide 48 hours notice.  Note, cancellations on the day of your appointment and no shows will incur the full session fee.
Standard opening hours: 10am - 5pm Monday; 10 am - 10pm Tuesday; 1pm - 7pm Wednesday and Thursday.  Appointments outside of these hours may be possible, if the standard hours don't work for you please do get in touch.
Why Health Kinesiology:  There are many branches of Kinesiology practised in the UK.  Practitioners are all trained to a consistent level.  While I can't speak to the many other branches, Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing and verbal questioning after making sure that the client is balanced first.  For information on the other branches, please see the Kinesiology Federation website.

Kinesiology Federation, HK UK, FHT
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