As the Global Pandemic of 2020 took hold, together with Leslie Marsh and a group of other like minded therapists, the idea of Therapists in Conversation began to take shape.  By the end of May 2020 we started recording a monthly conversation on a range of topics.
If you would like to see the videos as they release on the 5th of each month please subscribe to Leslie's you tube channel, otherwise pop back here on a regular basis or subscribe to my newsletter to see the latest updates.  If you have any questions or topics that you would like us to discuss or if you would like to join the conversation, please drop me a message on the contact page.

Month 5 - the Power of Belief (October 2020)

Month 4 - Grief (September 2020)

Month 3 - The Twilight Zone of Lockdown - are we in or out? (August 2020)

Month 2 - the Mindset of Healing vs the Mindset of Dis-ease (July 2020)

Month 1 - Introduction and answering some questions (June 2020)

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